Equitech’s technology can be used to monitor the quality of products that are compromised by polymer degradation issues (i.e., yellowing) and variations in chemical composition. The EquiSpec also helps determine issues that may arise with the polymer processing equipment, such as screw elements wear and tear, feeder fluctuations, etc.  Other benefits:

  • Residence Time Distributions
  • Optimization of Screw Design
  • Optimization of Extrusion Rate
  • Optimization of Feeder Flow Rate​s
  • Determination ​& Resolution of Feeder Issues
  • Determination ​& Resolution of Blending Issues
  • ​Reactive Extrusion Monitoring
  • Measurement of Concentration of Chemical Additives 
  • ​Alarm of Off-Specification Color or Additives
  • Continuous, Real-Time Quality Assurance
  • ​Enable Closed Loop Control

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