When Timing is Right

"We have an in-line system working 24/7 that uses Lab coordinates  to determined the exact end-point of a 20 hour critical chemical reaction.  If the reaction is stopped short or long of its end-point, the product will fail.  The Equispec instrument runs a full analysis every 2 minutes and alerts Operations with status of the reaction.  A confirmation sample is usually pulled at the end of the reaction for confirmation."

William Napper

Group Leader - Analyzer Group


Savings are Significant

"If you have short runs with specialties and with the possibility of making half a run before the lab finds out the color is off the result is a lot of scrap.  The savings numbers for in-line analysis from Equitech and the business case is significant"

Paul Ashkettle

Retired Chairman/CEO M.A.Hanna

Open Doors for Us

"It is an important tool and I am glad I found you guys.  It is good equipment, I want to use it and it does open doors for us."

Jim Croning

Senior Research Associate


Full Speed in All Lines

"Full speed in all lines, trials and projects going on.  In other words, I like it very much.  Of course you can use me as a reference for potential customers"

Tommy Lund-Hansen


Running Smooth

"Everything has been running very smooth with the inline system.  We have been very satisfied with its operation in line with our coating process.  We have been very satisfied with Equitech's support.  I will certainly keep Equitech in mind with any process expansions or system upgrades that would benefit from your technologies and expertise."

Dan Adams

Process Engineer

Six Sigma Black Belt

TruVue Inc.