Spectrophotometer Software For Color Process Measurement

EquiColor Software for Process Measurement
Color Process Measurement with EquiColor Software


  • Used with the Equispec Inline Color Spectrophotometer (OCS),  EquiColor 
  • Enables operators to monitor L*, a*, b* under a series of illuminants and observers.
  • Ensures that production batches are within tolerance ranges of approved standards.
  • Security features allow production managers or process engineers to set standards and tolerances while letting operators use, access and recall previous operational files without affecting their settings. 
  • Saves all measured color values and tolerances for every job in a single file, allowing operators to review such file at any time in the future.


  • Used with the Equispec Chemical Process Analyzer (CPA), EquiChem 
  • Provides for complete configuration, data collection and plotting, including residuals, statistics, predictions and errors, and calculation and prediction of results.
  • A variety of chemometric techniques such as Multiple Linear Regression, Classical Least Squares, Principal Component Regression, and Polynomial Least Squares are used within the program
  • All models may be used online to provide real-time predictions of chemical concentrations.


  • EquiFilm is used with the Equispec Film Thickness Analyzer (FTA)
  • Designed to measure film thickness continuously in real time in a range of 0.5 to 300 microns. 
  • Extremely easy to use and reliable software.
  • Up to 5 layers in a multilayer product can be measured simultaneously.  
  • Equipped with alarms to alert operators to off-spec products.