In-line Spectrophotometers

Equispec.  In-line Color Spectrophotometer

  • In-line Color Spectrophotometer (ICS)
  • Chemical Process Analyzer (CPA)
  • Film Thickness Analyzer (FTA)

Spectrometer Specs

Probes & Flow Cells

Probes - Reflection Polymer Melt Probe

  • Probes and Flow Cells for Process Environments
  • High Temperature & Pressure
  • Contact & Non-Contacts Spectrohpotometers

Probes and Their Uses

Software Utilities

EquiChem.  Inline, real-time chemical concentration measurement

  • EquiChem™ provides real time predictions of chemical concentrations
  • EquiColor™ monitors L*, a*, b* under a series of illuminants and observers
  • EquiFilm™ measures film thickness from 0.5 to 300 micron

Software Packages

Optical Fiber Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

  • Single, Duplex, or Bundles
  • Bifurcated assemblies
  • Custom configurations

Optical Fiber Cables