Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a system for designing, analyzing and controlling manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and other industries with the objective of ensuring an end product with a determined product quality.  Process Analytical Technology (PAT) makes important use of spectroscopy to carry out real-time process monitoring.

The objective of PAT is to understand and control the manufacturing process. Quality must be built into the products, not tested in them.


PAT works by measuring critical quality and performance attributes of both raw materials and processes in a timely manner.


Benefits of PAT

· Reduces production cycle times

· Prevents rejects, scrap and re-processing

· Improves energy and material use

· Increases capacity

· Improves efficiency

· Detects process variability

· Reduces human error

· Considering the possibility of real time release

Our Process Analytical Tools


PAT tools are used within a system to provide effective and efficient means for acquiring information to facilitate process understanding, develop risk-mitigation strategies, achieve continuous improvement, and share information and knowledge. Equitech offers PAT tools that can be categorized as:


  1. Multivariate data acquisition and analysis tools – including Equitech’s EquiColor and EquiChem software.
  2. Modern process analyzers such as Equitech’s Inline Process Spectrophotometer (IPS) and fiber-optic probes
  3. Process and endpoint monitoring and control may be achieved using an Equitech IPS
  4. An appropriate combination of some, or all, of these tools may be applicable to a single-unit operation, or to an entire manufacturing process and its quality assurance.