Equitech has over 20 years’ experience developing full-fledged metrology systems through various optical techniques including spectroscopy, fringe projection, focal/spectral imaging, interferometry (PSI, WSI, WLI), stereoscopy, ellipsometry/reflectometry, etc. These techniques can measure numerous properties of a material and spatial/three-dimensional information of a sample of interest.


We are especially interested in designing novel systems for quality assurance in manufacturing processes. Our ability to incorporate these highly scientific techniques into a functioning system from the ground up makes us unique. Our team has engineers in all the major disciplines with product development designed with manufacturability in mind throughout the process.

Design Methodology

Equitech develops advanced, capable, cost-effective optical and electro-optical systems using a disciplined 2 phase approach: Ideation and Development.


During this phase, we work with our customers on the appreciation and understanding of the:

  • Optical demands
  • Environmental conditions (temperature, mechanical loads, electrical concerns)
  • Creation of alternative optical concepts
  • Selection of an optical concept
  • Cost estimation


The second phase includes: 

  • Optical component design
  • Materials models
  • Light source models
  • Sensitivity & tolerance analyses
  • Component specification
  • Generation of CAD data for production
  • Virtual prototyping 


Equitech partners with M&M Technology for the manufacturing of all-optical and electro-optical systems. By working under the same roof, our engineers can work together reviewing concepts, drawings, prototypes, etc., significantly shortening the time-to-market experience and saving time and money for our customers.


Other Engineering Services