Off-Spec Material Production Loss Calculation

and Color Monitoring System ROI Worksheet

  1. Maintains a history of all previous runs. This archive tool will assist in providing information on all extrusion runs when customer specification discrepancies are an issue. This can also be packaged to be supplied to customers with the order to show proactively the results of the extrusion run(s) giving assurance of the compliance of the material. This yields a value added service to your customers.
  2. Color Changes can be monitored more closely. An immediate feedback on the actual material coming out the die to determine when it is on or off specification. This will eliminate waste by understanding when the process has settled or standardized. There will be no need to wait on laboratory results to establish when the extruder is producing acceptable product.
  3. Online monitoring provides a proactive approach to process upsets and changes. There is no possible way to see changes immediately unless using an online monitoring system. This can provide continuous benefits in understanding and segregating on spec product
  4. Real time results also can be used for Immediate adjustment and correction to process which will result in less “off-spec” product being made. Delayed results mean delayed corrections.
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