Industrial Applications for Equitech Int’l Process Analyzer

Equitech is in the business of providing continuous process measurement and control in the areas of color, chemical concentration and film thickness.  The benefits of our technology include real-time analytical results, immediate adjustment of process variables, less “off-spec” product or waste, correction before “off-spec” products are made, and an improved understanding of process behavior.

To achieve these benefits, Equitech has developed a family of fiber-optic based products for the real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes.  Our products use ultra-violet and visible light to sense chemical content and color.  These products include optical probes for the physical and chemical characterization of gasses, liquids, slurries and solids; a high-performance dual-beam CCD spectrophotometer; a fiber-optic multiplexer, and software to interpret spectral data.

Applications include the following:

Chemical & Pharmaceutical MONITORING

Chemical Reactions

Mixing, Dilution, and Concentrations

Column and Filter Breakthroughs

Crystallization and Precipitation

light & Color analysis & Control

Vinyl Siding Production

Synthetic Fiber Production

PET Recycling Color Control

Yellowness of Chemicals and Plastics

Paint and Pigment Manufacturing

Coil Coating

coatings & thickness measurement

Thickness of Wet Coatings

Layer Thickness in Laminates

Layer Thickness in
Co-Extruded Polymers

UV Blockage and Color of Architectural or Art Glass

The Equitech Story

Since our inception in 1995, Equitech International has been the leader in UV-vis Spectroscopy. Equitech’s patented technology has allowed companies around the globe to read color and content more clearly than could have ever been imagined, in almost any application or environment.

Our unique science has been lauded throughout the Production and Six Sigma divisions of several Fortune 100 companies as being instrumental to large savings due to the precise color and content measurements that can detect off-spec materials during the production phase. Simply put “We bring the lab to you!”

From our Large Area Surface Probe to our Transmission and Reflection Polymer Melt and Liquid Probes, Equitech blends its knowledge of individual solutions, with its EquiColor™ software and Spectrometer to help find YOUR solution.

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