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Equitech International manufactures robust process analyzers that measure and control color and chemical applications. Equitech’s rugged and compact UV-vis spectrophotometer complements a wide variety of fiber optic probes to allow a practical measurement solution (in process and real-time) for many manufacturing processes. With unique and exclusive contact measurement solutions, Equitech can measure a variety of liquid, slurry, powder and gas applications.

The spectrophotometer design uses a dual-beam technology that delivers lab instrument quality for use directly in industrial processes. Applications include polymer compounding; paint and ink mixing and milling; chemical consistency, concentration and contamination analysis; film thickness, and much more.

This measurement allows for early detection of off-spec product, aiding correction and enhancing process control — thus reducing scrap, saving energy and lowering material cost. Enhanced quality control ensures our customer’s customer receives the right product every time.

When you make the product right the first time, you reduce production costs and you send good product out the door.

The industry leader in inline
color management systems.

  • Successful measurements that Equitech is currently providing to valued customers

    Augusta, GA
    October 10, 2015

    Turning our customers’ manufacturing lines into Smart Machines is Equitech’s vision. We believe that we offer a unique value proposition that can impact multiple production operations enhancing quality control, helping with waste reduction and energy savings.  The potential for labor savings and information sharing augmenting existing lab operations may provide added benefits.

    We not only provide color measurements, but also have many applications where we are monitoring yellowness, turbidity, and chemical concentrations. Cases of successful measurements are listed below.

    • Extrusion of PVC, vinyl siding and profiles.
    • Engineering plastics like FEP, PEEK, polysulfones and polycarbonate.
    • Recycled materials such as PET, PS, PE, and PP.
    • Polyester and polyamide fiber manufacturing.
    • Resin production – DDDA, PTA, MCB, HCN
    • Decorative paint – wet measurement of color
    • Chemical products or intermediates measured in the pipeline, by-pass, or reaction chamber.

    In a number of cases the optical appearance varies when there is a change or unwanted deviation in the manufacturing process. Examples include yellowing and turbidity, which often show up when optimal production is not reached.

    For more information about our capabilities, please call our office at (706) 364-6060.


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